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 The second opening at Warsaw’s smallest gallery has just been held.


Special Prize is awarded to Karolina Grzywnowicz


We are joining forces with the FLOW project, and in September will navigate the Vistula River.


We invite you to the smallest gallery in Warsaw, open 24/7.


Along with the W788 Foundation, we selected three persons to hold a residency on the Vistula River.


Hanna Krzysztofiak's painting from our collection is part of the group show "Woman Art Power".


at football exhibition.


Together with the W788 Foundation, we invite participants in the Artist: Professional project to apply for residencies at a picturesque site on the Vistula River.


For the sixth year, we invite you to participate in the free educational project Artist: Professional (A–Z)


Лекція онлайн підготована Вeрою Залуцькою та Асею Цісар


this time at Galeria Bielska BWA.


New film project about visual artists.


The artist will explore our office between Nov 22 – Dec 03.


The mural was created on the facade of the ING Polska headquarters in Katowice.


The vase is a part of a group exhibition "A Manifesto for a Better Life"


This year The ING Polish Art Foundation Prize goes to Zuzanna Bartoszek whose solo exhibition "A Walk with a Knife" is on view at the Stereo gallery and to Ala Savashevich whose piece "Pose.Position. Way" is on wiew at the exhibition "Inscriptions of Identity. Affinity, Difference, Gesture" at the Biuro Wystaw gallery.


This year The ING Polish Art Foundation Special Prize goes to Asymetria gallery for the exhibition "Closed show / Lewczyński / Beksiński / Schlabs with participation of Zbigniew Libera".


Once again, we will present a prize to an outstanding artist or art collective participating in Warsaw Gallery Weekend


The work is part of the exhibition „They call me Gypsy but that's not my name”


These are the participants in the first edition of Artist: The Professional - Summer School, to be held during the Konteksty. Postartistic Congress in Sokołowsko.

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