The Artist: Professional


The Artist: Professional (A–Z) programme arose as a result of discussions with artists from our collection. We became aware of what a daunting task faces graduates completing art studies, or others deciding that creativity will be their main occupation at later stages in life. There are no textbooks teaching how to organize everyday life in a studio, achieve financial security as an artist, attract the interest of the artistic community, or nurture relationships within the circle of other artists. Our aim is to supplement academic knowledge with practical tools. To find your place in the world of art, you have to know the mechanisms by which that world operates.



For years we have invited the best experts, curators, artists, critics and gallerists to share their knowledge. We organize lectures and individual portfolio consultations for beginning artists. This portion of the project is held each spring in the form of online sessions. For the past two years we have also invited a select group of participants in the project to the Summer School—an “anti-educational” excursion where we create conditions for forming contacts with mentors, and for discussions, finding inspirations, and further cooperation. The first was held during the Contexts Post-artistic Congress in Sokołowsko, and the second as part of the Flow artistic residency on the Vistula.



Our programme demonstrates that there are different paths that can be followed by individuals professionally practising art: cooperation with a gallery in selling works is only one of many possibilities. Invited artists will discuss their experiences with such topics as organizing their own exhibitions, work in a collective, activism, parenting, and forming contacts with curators. From the lectures you will also learn how and where you can hold a residency, how your foreign earnings are taxed, and how a licence agreement should be framed. So many topics have already been discussed and recorded that a solid compendium has developed which we call the Knowledge Base.


For whom?

The project is designed for visual artists. It is entirely free of charge. To take part, it is enough to complete the registration form (we will launch registration one month before the start of lectures). To date a total of 6,150 participants have registered for all editions of A–Z, from various age groups, at different stages in life, and from all corners of Poland. Students make up the largest group (about 50%), but everyone is welcome.


We invite you to the upcoming sessions! If you have any questions, write to us at 

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