Przemysław Matecki

b. 1976, Żagań

Painter. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Zielona Góra and a member of the musical formation Płetwonurki Szczurki since 1994. His painting is a derivative of everyday popular images found in glossy magazines, and a commentary on works by other authors. He finds images, cuts them out, and applies them to his own canvas, combining and making them part of painted interventions. He employs a similar method in photography, e.g. by processing the private archives of strangers. He lives and works in Warsaw.


2007, paper, oil, canvas, 89 × 88 cm

Przemysław Matecki collects photo clippings from albums and glossy magazines. Be it the figure of a female athlete or a reproduction of another artist’s work, every image will make its way onto his canvas in time. Matecki embeds such cameo quotations into his expressive paintings. His painted collages are not intended to render any specific image; formal impact is their sole purpose. Here the artist confronts the lucidity and realism of the scrap of reality shown in the photograph with a thick and fleshy layer of paint.

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