Agata Bogacka's painting from the Foundation collection at the Sopot exhibition

We would like to invite you to Agata Bogacka’s solo exhibition at the National Gallery of Art in Sopot. Among the works, the painting “I, Krystyna M. left home on Tuesday (01.08.1944 Warsaw - 12.18.1944 Podkowa Leśna, Poland)” from the ING Polish Art Foundation Collection from 2009 will be presented.

“Topos”, is to keep it short, a presentation of the selected works by Agata Bogacka created over the last ten years - since she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw to this day. The exhibition and its title have many implied meanings. Topos hints a struggle with history and myth. The Sopot exhibition is the first attempt of creating a retrospective study of Agata Bogacka’s works, regarding which there are many assumptions, either more or less accurate. Is Bogacka a generation artist or an autobiographical one? A feminine or customary one? Surrealistic or abstract? Instead of classifying her in a simplistic way, we propose to look into her paintings - different in theme and form but composing a suggestive and melancholic whole.

“Topos” - reading the name backwards - gives us the name of a specific place. Not an accidental one. Agata Bogacka comes from a family with artistic traditions, one of them leading to Sopot, where her family used to work - Hanna and Jacek Żuławski. We can also find references to family members and family stories in her work. The ceramic works of Hanna Żuławska were an inspiration to Bogacka’s new works, recently presented at an exhibition at the Warsaw Zachęta National Art Gallery.

One of the most recent paintings presented at the exhibition at PGS is entitled “I’m V. Tired”, but by all means this isn’t an expression of an artist’s discouragement, but an excerpt from the artist’s grandmother’s diary from the times of the Warsaw Uprising. This is a very important clue in the exhibition, implying that the artist is interested in history, in the intimate kind – from personal stories, subjective memories, situations one remembers vaguely, single paintings, lines and paint spots – accidental ones only at first glance. History, the same as painting, is also a domain of the imagination.

Approximately 20 paintings will be presented at the exhibition, including many from private and public collections. A large album on the artist’s work with essays by Agata Jakubowska and Łukasz Gorczyca will be available at the exhibition.

National Gallery of Art in Sopot, 26.11.2011 - 8.01.2012

Exhibition co-organizer: Raster Gallery 

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