The ING Polish Art Foundation Prize


During this year's Warsaw Gallery Weekend, for the third time we have awarded one of the artists taking part in WGW by selecting and acquiring a new artwork for our collection.

The following jury will make a choice:
Nicolaus Schafhausen – curator
Małgorzata Smagorowicz-Chojnowska – contemporary art collector
Hanna Wróblewska – director of Zachęta – National Gallery of Art
Kamila Bondar i Marcin Kryszeń – board of the ING Polish Art Foundation


"Classical historical paintings were always meant to capture the times that people and society reacted to. We, the jury, believe in the power of "the very moment" in contemporary art. Is there a new approach to Polish historical painting? Not sure of course – but looking back: an important feature of history painting is that the main characters are named. Often the focus is on a hero, an individual personality acting as an autonomous person. History pictures serve his or her intentional transfiguration, his exaggeration and the development of a historical myth, not necessarily a realistic representation of past events. What has our common history to do with today, our present time – and vice versa? We were looking into the artist's capacity to look out of the own box.
You may call it multidisciplinary. Translating performance, social interaction, daily life and so on into a form of art. Everything created is coordinated with each other and aims at the connection of the same world. Therefore the jury decided to happily include "Smiths" painting, 2019, by Mikołaj Sobczak, into the ING Polish Art Foundation Collection."



"Warsaw Gallery Weekend does not only include Warsaw, even though it's the scene of the event. It's also artists, curators and audience from this part of Europe, and sometimes even from places further away. For the last two years it has also included galleries from other polish cities. The jury decided to award this year's Special Prize to an institution that is not afraid of changes - testing locations, formats and venues, always staying true to both the artists and the audience; the gallery whose professionalism is balanced by equally genuine enthusiasm, the gallery with an always promising programme."

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