Katarzyna Baług - Winner of the "Common Project" Announced

One of 14 cells of the Museum of the Future, a project by Katarzyna Balug, featuring artwork by Alejandro Martinez Molina (Hego) with help from Vididiana Jaqueline Mendieta (Mexico City 2012)

City Factory by Katarzyna Baług has been announced as the winning project of the first edition of the Common Project competition, with this year’s‘ theme - “Urban Prototype”. The artist intends to travel around Łódź in a mobile machine of her own design, which is “fueled” by the free time of the city’s inhabitants. The artist will invite the public to negotiate how much time and on what conditions they are willing to spend in the “time factory”.

The project refers to the transformation of Lodz from an industrial to an information-management city (call centre, accounting and IT services, etc.), by means of which she examines the economy of time. City Factory is a continuation of her interests, which focus on community activities that critically position participatory techniques, artistic tools and projects placed within public space.

In the proposed scenario, Katarzyna Baług openly refers to the characteristics of Łódź without projecting stereotypes onto the city. “City Factory” will be realized as a part of the Urban Ecologies programme in May, 2013. The verdict of the jury, which included Jarosław Suchan - Director of Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź and president of the jury, Agnieszka Rasmus-Zgorzelska - an expert (the second expert was absent due to unforeseen circumstances), Aleksandra Jach and Katarzyna Słoboda - curators of Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź, and Maria Rubersz - Chair of the Board of the ING Polish Art Foundation, was unanimous.

Katarzyna Baług was born in 1983, and graduated from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, specializing in Urban Planning - Art, Design and the Public Domain. She has produced projects in, among others, Boston, Mexico City, and Rio de Janeiro. She is interested in activities that involve collaboration with local communities and address social and ecological aspects of contemporary cities.

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