23.09 – 16.10.2011

3 in the morning. Jakub Czyszczoń, Piotr Łakomy

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The exhibition entitled 3 in the Morning is related to dairies. It is not merely a presentation of hermetic notes or incomplete works found in the studio.

Particular objects refer to private or cultural motives which were important in the artistic oeuvre of Jakub Czyszczoń and Piotr Łakomy. Artists lead a viewer into areas which only they are familiar with, and then leave the viewer alone facing the stories behind a collection of objects presented in the gallery. The influence of these works can be compared to a phenomenon of a black hole. Invisible, keeping everything within the range of direct impact and changing parameters which shape space-time in remote areas of the galaxy.

In the artistic creation of Czyszczoń, some iconographic motives can be compared to compulsions. Although masterpieces of painting have been reproduced millions of times and they evoked various side-effects in visual space, the artist continuously takes them out of the drawer. His actions remind rather an operation on a living organism then an inventory of cultural canon. He combines the motives which interest him, calibrates them and overlaps in order to be able to intermediate them in print one more time.

He is avaricious, he disciplines chaos of private impressions closing the works in the shape of a cube. However, this disciplinary buckle turns out illusory. The objects, formally brought nearer, are different not only in terms of material and size but also mass. Each of them influences a body and imagination of a viewer in a different way, sometimes in an abstract way, referring not only to physical weight, but also to the size of information recorded in digital memory. These notes are confronted with time, the VHS cannot be played back by almost anyone anymore. Particular works of Łakomy are another page from the dairies which cannot be literally read by a viewer. Each of them is marked by history and carries memories of different weight.

Starter Gallery
Andersa 13 Str., Warsaw
opening: 23.09.2011, 17:00 - 22:00

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