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Olga Wolniak


1999 / oil, canvas / 100 x 100 cm / no. 0027 Creative CommonsCreative CommonsCreative Commons Licence 3.0    Wróć

“Sirvan” is a popular variety of Turkish carpets. Many of them adorn the floors of Polish homes. nowadays the oriental ornaments usually bring to mind a typical 1980s Polish living room rather than Middle Eastern exoticism. Wolniak takes advantage of this “familiarity” of the shapes and patterns. She documents the texture and design of the woven carpets, bringing to our attention crafts traditionally passed on by the mother to the daughter. Sirvan is also the name of a river flowing through Iran and Iraq. Today, when both countries are associated with political instability and the ongoing difficult social situation of women, the painting acquires a new, disturbing level of meaning. “In each and every one of us there is energy, or aura, specific only to that person. We don’t even realise how much of it we communicate to other people, not verbally, but with touch, gesture, and gaze. I paint because I believe that our hands communicate it in the most direct way,” says the artist.

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