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Iza Tarasewicz


2015 / plant fiber, silicone, metal / 190 x 180 cm / no. 0177    Wróć

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is a type of storage unit used by traders to identify, organize and manage goods. In the artist's interpretation, the abstract code takes the form of a three-dimensional, material object. SKU is a series of transparent silicone bands hanging on a metal rod, which embeds plant fibers. The abstract form may remind an overscaled shape of a bar code, as well as folk style colored stripes, which until recently have been hung in the doorways of country houses.
Experiments with substance have interested the artist from the very beginning of her artistic career. In her first art works she used materials such as skin, bones and animal fat, wax, salt mass and plasticine. Over time she started using plastics such as silicone, and natural resources characteristic of the rural architecture of the countries of the global south - stone, clay, ash, rubber, vegetable fiber.
The theme of production and distribution of goods, which is recalled by the title – Stock Keeping Unit – is strongly present both in the artistic practice of Iza Tarasewicz as well as in her approach to creative work. The artist uses a kind of "artistic recycling" in order to minimize the use of materials. To create new works, she reuses elements of earlier realizations. Her works raise questions concerning the artist's responsibility towards the recipient and the environment. Her art also comments the phenomenon of overproduction of not only consumer goods, but also works of art.

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