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Radek Szlaga


2010 / wax crayon, pencil, sellotape, chalk paper, digital print / 35 x 50 / no. 0118 Creative CommonsCreative CommonsCreative Commons Licence 3.0    Wróć

Radek Szlaga mixes and juxtaposes different techniques and aesthetics. What is characteristic for him is the cacophony and self-reference. The artist, for example, uses prints of his own paintings in order to add new elements to them, scan them and convert to a slide. In his work on paper from the Foundation collection, the faulty printed pig from his own painting appears next to an angel drawn over from a book on old prints. By combining these two themes and aesthetics he shows a characteristic tension between contemporary art and old art. The intense concentration on his own work (the part of his work with the pig is repeatedly altered, appearing in various media), contrasts with an angel with three pairs of wings, exaggeratedly drawn with a pencil, pen and coloured pencils. Such juxtapositions contain a subversive charge resulting from the tension between ludic content and high culture and the specific use of the medium and techniques of introducing dissonance in the perception of the work.

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