Łukasz Surowiec

A Gift for God

2012 / blu-ray / 5'23'' / no. 0154 Creative CommonsCreative CommonsCreative Commons Licence    Wróć

In 2012 Łukasz Surowiec was invited by the organizer of a Tri-City festival to participate in an edition with a “resort” theme. The artist came up with a project for organizing a vacation trip to Sopot for several homeless people. The organizers turned down the project, suggesting he come up with something “less controversial.” Surowiec took his festival payment and bought a bar of gold, which he broke up and scattered on the Sopot beach.
This work was meant to be a bitter comment on the organizers, who were most interested in promotion and image and not the effect of art. A more far-reaching interpretation is that this is a critical approach to cultural institutions and the point of their work, and a declaration of political commitment.

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