Konrad Smoleński

Energy Hunters

2011 / video / 26'20" / no. 0127    Wróć

Energy Hunters is a video, which can also be presented as an audio-visual installation. It was created during Smoleński’s stay at the 18th Street Arts Center in Santa Monica in 2011. The artist invited members of the noise rock band Foot Village to participate in the film. Long sequences presenting a Californian landscape and musicians dressed in balaclavas are interspersed with a black screen. During these moments we hear a sound on the verge of singing and shouting, fragments of Foot Village’s music. In Energy Hunters the sound of the drums, the only classical instrument used by the musicians, is more a symbol than a tool. This visually sublime film with no clear plot keeps the viewer in a state of uncertainty and anxiety. The peculiarly majestic atmosphere seems to lead to a climax, unleashing energy through layers of untold events, electrifying the viewer to an even greater extent.

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