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Cezary Poniatowski


2018 / plywood, acrylic paint, synthetic leather, staples / 125 x 102 cm / no. 0182 Creative CommonsCreative CommonsCreative CommonsCreative Commons Licence    Wróć

On the first sigh, the monochromatic relief appears to be abstract. The composition is built from angular forms, characteristic for the artist’s earlier paintings and drawings. Here though, the shapes are not painted, but cut from plywood, wood boards, and foam upholstered in synthetic leather. They are all black, but each material reflects the light in a different way – with brightly shining exposed nail heads and upholstery staples. Upon a closer observation, the eye starts to search for familiar forms: a bulky figure in the center, surrounded by shapes reminding of speech bubbles. A piece of plywood with a pattern made of drilled holes starts to look like an obscured window of a confession box seen from the inside.
This unexpectedly materialised scene startles the observer. The artist himself calls his works the “negatives of reality”. For him, they are a visual interpretation of a mental state called derealisation, the feeling of detachment that is a defense mechanism of an overstimulated brain.

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