Agnieszka Polska

The New Sun

2017 / video HD / 12'19" / no. 0174 Creative CommonsCreative CommonsCreative Commons Licence    Wróć

In the artist’s words, „New Sun is a half-sung, poetic monologue of an anthropomorphic sun, addressing its lover.” In the 12-minute long film, an animated sun touches upon essential philosophical and socio-political problems, but also sings love songs and tells bad jokes. The sun speaks from a god-like, omniscient perspective, but it has the face and the voice of a child – the monologue is a mix of catastrophism and hope, wisdom and naivety. Working on the text, the artist took inspiration from quantum mechanics and the poetry of sufi mystic Rumi. „In my works from the last couple of years I have drifted away from facts, in the direction of fiction and science-fiction, but, above all, I focused on working with audio and visual stimuli that have a specific impact on a viewer. The purpose of these works is to lead the viewer into the state of a so-called immersion of senses.” – explains Polska. The sun maintains a hypnotizing eye contact with the viewer for the whole time, making it almost impossible to look away.

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