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Joanna Piotrowska


2017 / silver gelatin hand print / 120 x 95 cm / no. 0171    Wróć

The photographs from the Shelters series were taken in Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro and Warsaw. The artist would visit the subjects at their apartments, and together they would build a kind of a temporary shelter or a den, using furniture, textiles, and personal belongings – the effect resembling the constructions from a childhood game. The resulting series works as an inventory of ephemeral structures, but also as a collection of psychological portraits of their inhabitants – some shelters are solid and minimal, some fragile and chaotic. The apartments in which the shelters were built, and the objects used for the constriction give some clues as to the hobbies, lifestyle, and social status of the subjects. The title Shelters opens various paths of interpretation – is it a children’s play, or an effort to reclaim the sense of security in unstable times? Are the shelters safe oases, or isolating traps?

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