untitled (blue abstraction), sign. XIII/XV
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Jerzy Nowosielski

untitled (blue abstraction), sign. XIII/XV

1997 / serigraphy, paper / 89x74 cm / no. 0009 Creative CommonsCreative CommonsCreative Commons Licence 3.0    Wróć

“I was interested in geometric abstraction on the one hand, and in certain elements of figuration on the other (…), the icon has made me realise that the two artistic trends  aren’t mutually exclusive, quite the contrary, they can coexist in every good painting. There is no good realistic picture without an inner, organising, abstract principle,” the artist said in an interview. The artist explains the metaphysical dimension of his work, saying: “For me, abstract painting is simply a way in which our consciousness reacts to the extrasensory consciousness. A consciousness we are permeated with. Abstract paintings are simply images adequate to the reality of the subtle entities that influence our consciousness, our sensitivity. Of course, these images are not identical with and do not illustrate the reality of those subtle entities.”

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