untitled (women in blue), sign.4/XV
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Jerzy Nowosielski

untitled (women in blue), sign.4/XV

1995 / serigraphy, paper / 98 x 68,5 cm / no. 0008 Creative CommonsCreative CommonsCreative Commons Licence 3.0    Wróć

Jerzy Nowosielski’s painting is synthetic, a search for a way to capture a perception of the individual, art, harmony, and beauty, in a single composition. Sometimes, the strive to achieve a visual totality goes so far that a figural representation nears abstraction. This is precisely how the artist has represented female figures in his serigraphic series. The slender figures, reduced to contours, have frozen in studied poses, their faces left unseen. The artist has employed a uniform colour range, illuminating them with light reflections, and a zonal composition. These are characteristic features of Nowosielski’s style, an artist strongly inspired by the Byzantine icon tradition and European sacral art.

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