Aviation Signs
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Robert Maciejuk

Aviation Signs

2002 / oil, canvas / 150 x 511 cm / no. 0041 Creative CommonsCreative CommonsCreative Commons Licence 3.0    Wróć

Robert Maciejuk’s artistic strategies bring to mind the patient and time-consuming techniques of the old masters. His works are a kind of modern-day herbarium, a collection of hundreds of signs, symbols, labels, emblems, logotypes. The artist's clash of various symbols can be interpreted as a reference to the information chaos and cultural diversity in our surrounding. With the utmost care of a collector of rare butterflies, Maciejuk gingerly approaches the familiar elements of the visible world. The aviation signs in the painting in question have been subtly altered: the colours are not original, the shapes have been slightly deformed. The original function is lost, replaced by a mysterious visual sequence of forms. The aviation emblems are part of a mischievous game the artist plays with the viewer’s habits.

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