La Vue
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Zbigniew Libera

La Vue

2004 / c-print / 100 x 150 cm / no. 0119    Wróć

La Vue is a series of large photographs, bringing to mind landscapes, which seduce with their beauty. Their aesthetic is quite surprising, considering Libera’s oeuvres, who is mainly known for his critical, often controversial works. The La Vue series was created by using a macro lens to photograph magazines and albums. The title, an important clue in the decryption of the work, is derived from the prose of writer Raymond Roussel, who experimented with the technique of writing. La Vue is an attempt at "peripheral vision", of noticing the existence of what we did not realize existed: "By peripheral vision I understand all the images that our eye rejects as rubbish, something out of focus, imprecisely captured, blurred, something which is moving, visual mistakes, for example a newspaper page viewed at an angle, even before you set it perpendicularly to your eye. "


The “La Vue” series is of particular importance in the collection of the ING Polish Art Foundation, which includes works created since the 90’s of the 20th century, i.e. since the appearance of ING Group in Poland. The time of transformation includes, among others, changes taking place in public and media space. "La Vue" is an attempt to liberate the recipient of the habits imposed by commercialized visual culture. At the same time it reveals the power of images. What seems to just be beautiful, aesthetically sophisticated, can be very critical at the same time, aimed at the non-reflective receiving of cultural codes.

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