The Splendour of myself III
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Zofia Kulik

The Splendour of myself III

1997 / multiple exposure silver gelatine prints / 182 x 152 cm / no. 0040    Wróć

The Splendour of myself III is a distant echo of a portrait of Queen Elizabeth I. Zofia Kulik matches her own image against a majestic representation of a monarch from long ago. Instead of the royal insignia, she now holds a cucumber and a St. John’s wort flower. The artist’s unique attire has been woven of human figures, repeated in an almost hypnotic rhythm, performing strange, ritual gestures (Zbigniew Libera in this role). The symbolic costume in which Kulik is wrapped reflects an unsatisfied craving for images and pictures. It is with them that the artist builds her symbolic photographic worlds in which European history and tradition are reflected. “Well-off aristocratic women used to collect valuables, jewellery, all kinds of bric-a-brac (…) I collect images. You can say I’m rich in images. I dress in them,”  Kulik comments on the piece.

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