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Tomasz Kowalski


2008 / oil, canvas / 210 x 170 cm / no. 0091 Creative CommonsCreative CommonsCreative Commons Licence 3.0    Wróć

“An invented picture contains its own truth” – the quote from Giordano Bruno was mentioned by Kowalski in an interview in reference to his own painting. It can serve as an apt recapitulation of the work of an artist whose paintings tell unique stories. The piece in the ING Foundation’s collection is full of intriguing mysteries. Is the figure in the picture the spirit of Charles Blondin, the world’s most famous tightrope walker, the first one to cross the Niagara Falls? Flora weaves its way from the top of the painting to the bottom, the acrobat balancing on one hand, inky darkness below. The scene is full of tension. The viewer is gripped with anticipation of what the finale of the acrobatics will be. The culmination can only take place in the imagination.

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