Strip of Ash
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Łukasz Korolkiewicz

Strip of Ash

1997 / oil, canvas / 136 x 190 cm / no. 0051 Creative CommonsCreative CommonsCreative Commons Licence 3.0    Wróć

Łukasz Korolkiewicz's work has been compared to the mysterious creations by the masters of Polish modernist painting: Józef Mehoffer and Jacek Malczewski. Strip of Ash is an example of how the artist executes such "old-fashioned" strategy. The title is misleading, suggesting that we see a line of ash spilled on a forest road, however intuition tells us it is actually a rapid stream… The soft patches of moss, grass, and light arrange themselves into an almost abstract pattern. The angle from which we view the scene creates the impression that the picture ‘flows’ towards us. Through the presention of a female figure, the artist confronts the viewer with themes of adolescence and nascent sexuality, recurring motifs in his work.

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