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Paweł Jarodzki


2008 / acrylic, canvas / 100 x 80 cm; 40 x 40 / no. 0078 Creative CommonsCreative CommonsCreative Commons Licence 3.0    Wróć

Since the 1980s, when he co-founded the collective LuXuS, Paweł Jarodzki has been inspired by the aesthetics of pop culture. He translates popular culture into the painter's language and deconstructs its messages, using the techniques of stencil and collage, superimposing several images on each other. Text plays a key role in his work, often woven into the composition so as to comment on the representation. In Go!, this could be a fragment of the lyrics of a hit radio song. In confrontation with three elements: a girl on a swimming-pool springboard, a car, and the atomic mushroom cloud, it suggests a number of interesting interpretations.

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