House Games
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Elżbieta Jabłońska

House Games

2003 / c-print / 130 x 264 cm / no. 0065    Wróć

Elżbieta Jabłońska’s Household Games can be read on many levels. In terms of basic iconography, the artist makes a link with the Madonna and Child; her costume, however, draws from a different tradition of representation – contemporary superhero pop culture. The coexistence of these two motifs into one figure suggests a certain paradox. Superheros are part of the patriarchal order: they work and tone their muscles in spandex. The biblical figure of the Madonna holds an interesting contradiction – delicacy (traditionally attributed to women) and courage (a stereotypically male quality). In addition, the Madonna’s qualities are characteristic of another figure equally deep in the collective consciousness – the mythic Polish Mother.
Creating Household Games, the artist drew from personal experiences, both as a mother and an observer of the everyday expectations of mothers.

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