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Agata Ingarden


2018 / coated steel, oyster shells, carbonized sugar / 150 × 80 × 43 cm / no. 0178    Wróć

The sculpture is a kind of an hourglass, in which the passage of time is measured by carbonized sugar dripping slowly into a vessel built from oyster shells. Time flow is irregular here – sticky caramel substance reacts to changing light, temperature and humidity conditions. Out of public view, the process is meant to be stopped. The apparatus is supported by a frame welded from metal sewer pipes. Partly organic, partly industrial construction has an insect-like feel to it, while also bringing to mind some kind of a device or a piece of furniture. The artwork was exhibited for the first time in 2018 in Piktogram gallery as a part of a solo show DOM (The House). The objects included in the show were accompanied by video footage of the sculptures in the scenography of an abandoned seaside property. You can sense the human presence and the impact of civilisation in Agata Ingarden’s works, but people themselves are absent from the picture. The viewer becomes a witness of a quiet spectacle in which inanimate creations of human technology come to life thanks to the processes of nature.

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