Painting DCLXXIV
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Stefan Gierowski

Painting DCLXXIV

1994 / oil, canvas / 135 x 100 cm / no. 0001 Creative CommonsCreative CommonsCreative Commons Licence 3.0    Wróć

The basic principles of Stefan Gierowski’s work are reduction and organisation. In Painting DCLXXIV, the artist has focused on representing light and colour with its connotations: the piece’s yellow-orange tone brings to mind warmth, sun, and relaxation; on the other hand, yellow is a venomous colour, symbolising a violent inner life, an amplitude of feelings and emotions. Nothing interferes with these themes, even the title is synthetic and subordinated to the discipling of painting. Gierowski has been numbering his abstract paintings with Roman numerals since 1957.  This gesture draws attention to the very phenomenon of the painting and its autonomy.

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