Tree of Knowledge
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Oskar Dawicki

Tree of Knowledge

2008 / c-print / 166 x 126 cm / no. 0102    Wróć

The film opens with a scene in which the artist/performer enters the garden of Eden in order to repeat Adam’s sinful act. The gesture, however, is magnified to absurd dimensions: Dawicki takes a bite out of many apples, spitting out the sour flesh. The question raised here is simple: does each forbidden fruit from the tree taste the same? One of the film’s inspirations was Emil Cioran’s idea that the fruit from the tree of knowledge was unripe. The short philosophical piece is a kind of apocryphal story in which human curiosity and the temptation of sin confront the dogmas of faith. “I was obsessed with the image of an apple tree with chunks of the apples bitten off for several years,” Dawicki said in interview. “It’s one of the icons of the finality, exhaustion, void, that appear in my work in various configurations.”

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