Thousandfold oh yes
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Oskar Dawicki

Thousandfold oh yes

2015 / pencil, paper / 42 x 30 cm / no. 0151 Creative CommonsCreative CommonsCreative Commons Licence    Wróć

The ING Polish Art Foundation invited Oskar Dawicki to collaborate on Art in Our Time – a publication that seeks to respond to basic questions in contemporary art. The artist was asked to write an article – he was meant to explain, in an accessible way, what inspiration is, and why it is so important to an artist. Dawicki responded in his characteristic fashion: subversive, yet surprisingly sincere. The result was a work which in itself confirms the necessity of inspiration – a concept which is presently considered out-of-date, a notion which no longer applies to contemporary artists and their work.
Oskar Dawicki’s work, which was ultimately published as a chapter in the book and added to the ING collection, contains aspects that are characteristic of his work. It has humor and an ironic relationship to the reader, the artist himself, and the recommendations he makes.

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