Celeste 414
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Tomasz Ciecierski

Celeste 414

2000 / oil, canvas / 103 x 107 cm / no. 0030 Creative CommonsCreative CommonsCreative Commons Licence 3.0    Wróć

Celeste 414 is a landscape composed of many micro-landscapes. The painting resembles a collection of travel photos or postcards that have been arranged into a sentimental, emotional composition. The different parts of the piece overlap, fragments of a clear sky neighbouring on a hastily sketched theatrical play of lights on the horizon. Drawing from photographs, a procedure Ciecierski often uses, is for him a means of analysing and deconstructing painting. As the artist claims, “I simply want it to be painting, I want it to be about painting and about the process of painting, of applying. There is no satisfactory point that I could reach which would make me 'ready to die'. For me, it still remains a mystery and that’s perhaps why I keep painting and keep approaching the same thing, but from different directions”.

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