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Rafał Bujnowski


2002 / oil, canvas / 75 x 89  cm / no. 0047 Creative CommonsCreative CommonsCreative Commons Licence 3.0    Wróć

The Graboszyce series is the result of painterly investigations that Rafał Bujnowski conducts in his immediate environment. He records the banal, ordinary elements of Polish reality and reduces them to symbols of a common visual experience. The houses portrayed in these paintings could have been seen in any Polish town, not necessarily in the titular Graboszyce. No individual stories are to be found here. The paintings are simple, crude, rendered in an “artisan” fashion, like a bricklayer builds a house. Their shapes precisely match the shapes of the architecture. The frames, rather than being simply rectangular, match the slanted lines of the roofs and perspective foreshortening. The three buildings/paintings form an illusion of three-dimensional space. The wall on which they are displayed becomes part of the composition.

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