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2012 / c-print, dibond / 40 x 50 cm / no. 0122 Creative CommonsCreative CommonsCreative Commons Licence 3.0    Wróć

Photographs from the E-słodowy serieswraps up the triptych on computer game players. Gamers and Training rooms are portraits of people and the places where they practice. E-słodowy is the  most abstract cycle of Bownik’s triple project he’s been realizing for the last 5 years. The title E-słodowy comes from the surname of Adam Słodowy, who for 24 years (until 1983) was the host of a TV show on DIY.  E-słodowy is a presentation of homemade tools and solutions that gamers use, most often made ad hoc, using the most basic materials and not caring for aesthetics or ergonomic solutions. The players use chewing gum to disable the guidebar of the keyboard shelf, a Teflon frying pan as a mouse pad and a t-shirt taped to the chair as a comfortable forearm pad.

The artist observed all of the solutions and copied them in his studio. Photographs taken with a polaroid camera blur details and make the viewer focus on the whole picture, not its objects. Bownik is interested in correlations with minimalistic sculpture, abstract paintings, suprematism and constructivism in objects photographed in such a manner. Usable, personalised solutions allowing the players to have a “better target”, Bownik transfers to the sphere of high art. Two works are included in the collection of the Foundation. Blue tape marks the best way to set chairs so that they face the monitor. Cardboard objects are in turn the most abstract and sculptural work in the cycle. They are a model of how the game players organize their desk space.

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