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Tymek Borowski


2008 / oil, acrylic, canvas / 120 x 110 cm / no. 0086 Creative CommonsCreative CommonsCreative Commons Licence 3.0    Wróć

“I guess these days if you paint figuratively and the paintings aren’t realistic and have a strange mood, then you automatically get categorised under ‘surrealism.’ I think the term makes sense (…) This is art that is not entangled in any contexts, not to be read in any way (…) These paintings don’t inscribe themselves into any discourse, don’t surrender to any standard art-analysing device,” says Tymek Borowski in an interview for artbazaar.blogspot.com. The painting in the Foundation’s collection conveys a sense of unease. Unable to follow a path offered by the title, the viewer can only surrender to the swirl of the brush interrupted by the vertical paint trickles.

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