Wojciech Bąkowski

Problems with Getting Up

2009 / non camera film, BetaCam tape / / no. 0109 Creative CommonsCreative CommonsCreative Commons Licence 3.0    Wróć

Problems with Getting Up is a neurotic miniature on sleeplessness,” writes curator Michał Lasota. “The artist’s typical methods: ‘muddiness,’ and apparent clumsiness and rawness reach their climax here and serve to retune the viewer’s attention and sensitivity. In the degenerate aesthetics shine intelligent mental shortcuts as if from satirical drawings, as well as the standard painting tricks. Using absolutely minimal means of expression, Bąkowski builds a convincing alternative world, highly autonomous towards the dominant Adult, Rational, and Moral Reality. This is a small kingdom of freedom. In its nature, this alternative reality is similar to a child’s fantasy, which is why it needs no other justification than inner logic. Bąkowski creates a hyperrealistic world, indifferent to psychology and sociology; rather than just stylising it, he genuinely creates it in its entirety.”

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