Norman Leto

BORN 1980, Bochnia

He debuted with the exhibition Negative Aspects of Too Much Freedom at the Age of 26 at the CCA Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw. His 3D visualisations transport the viewer to a fully constructed alternative world. Most of his pieces, including drawings and texts, connect thematically, forming a characteristic, highly expressive, cohesive narrative. Norman Leto has received no formal artistic education. Among the shows he has participated in are Establishment as a Source of Suffering (CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw), Half of a Twin for Sale (Arsenał, Poznań), Aesthetics of Violence (Museum of Art, Haifa, Israel), and Le Coeur Est Un Chasseur Solitaire (Lille, France).

Norman Leto

White sphere room

2009 / video / 13' / no. 0101    Wróć

An ascetic space in which a near-white sphere has been placed – this is the form to which Norman Leto reduces human life. The video was created with the use of a computer script, written by the artist, which transforms biographic data (such as the number of kilometres covered or addiction patterns) into 3D visualisations. The artist commented on the work, “Interestingly and somewhat frighteningly, the biographic visualisation of a patient who had been in a coma for a decade turned out to be an almost perfect white sphere.” Kula. White Sphere Room is a great example of the strategy of Norman Leto, who creates virtual 3D spaces based on scientific concepts.

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