Łukasz Surowiec

BORN 1985, Rzeszów

A graduate of the sculpture department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Surowiec did his PhD at the Art Department of Krakow’s Pedagogical University. He had previously studied in Poznań and in Berlin at the Universität der Künste. He is an interdisciplinary artist and a declared social activist. Some of his work could not be strictly defined as art, as it bears all the hallmarks of social work, focused on the public space, against economic divisions and unequal rights.
His creative activist projects have included Tear Purchase (with Alicja Rogalska), the Leveler project at Poznań’s Arsenał Gallery (an attempt to equalize all the gallery workers’ jobs), the Don’t Cry Papa mural on a Katowice bloc housing project (calling attention to the issue of unemployment in Upper Silesia), and a range of other activities dealing with marginalized groups in Polish society.
He lives and works in Bytom.

Łukasz Surowiec

A Gift for God

2012 / blu-ray / 5'23'' / no. 0154 Creative CommonsCreative CommonsCreative Commons Licence    Wróć

In 2012 Łukasz Surowiec was invited by the organizer of a Tri-City festival to participate in an edition with a “resort” theme. The artist came up with a project for organizing a vacation trip to Sopot for several homeless people. The organizers turned down the project, suggesting he come up with something “less controversial.” Surowiec took his festival payment and bought a bar of gold, which he broke up and scattered on the Sopot beach.
This work was meant to be a bitter comment on the organizers, who were most interested in promotion and image and not the effect of art. A more far-reaching interpretation is that this is a critical approach to cultural institutions and the point of their work, and a declaration of political commitment.

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